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All you have to do is enter the number of letters in the search field and hit the button and you will see a list of answers with that word length.

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Behind the Sticker is a new puzzle game. At each level, you get a new image which is covered by a sticker. Images can describe an object, an action or beings. Responses may consist of a single word or a phrase. Categories for answers can be pets (dogs, cats, birds, insects, etc.), vehicles, objects, abstract designs, etc.

With Behind the Sticker you will never get bored but at some point, you might get stuck, so we created to help you. Why stop because of a response? Here you can find the solutions for all levels.

At home, at work or in the coffee break, Behind the Sticker is a fun game that can help you free your mind from daily routine!

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You can search for answers depending on the length or word can describe a picture, you will find all images associated responses existing in the game.